Welcome To Trinyetra

A unique platform for all to raise their voice and shout together.

Trinyetra is a true social platform where anyone can ask or raise questions about problems in their society from their representatives and judiciary bodies through trinyetra.

Here we also provide polling facility where anyone can ask for Audience opinion regarding the trending topics.

Trinyetra provides a unique platform for users to create various types of polls.

Trinyetra is a platform by which user can create his own polls and can get others opinion on his poll, and can share his own opinions for others poll. It provides a platform by which user can share his opinion or suggestion without revealing his identity. The identity of the user who is sharing his poll and the one who is creating a poll will be hidden from the others. The user can also suggest topic about creating the poll. This is a Social platform through which we want to create a common analysis about any current topic. The results we are getting after polling are not necessarily accurate. This just a common analysis.
Trinyetra just shows general overview about what is going on in the mind of common people.